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Equipment for self-service car wash

нержавіюча сталь марки AISI
The frame for the equipment of stainless steel
Made of mark AISI 304stainless steel. Platform parts are welded together with argon arc welding. All seams are treated with corrosion-resistant composition, allowing the construction to be resistant to corrosion and oxidation and continue its lifetime.
High pressure unit
In its base there are used pumps INTERPUMP (made in Italy) with crank drive and ceramic pistons. Working part of the valves in the pomp is made of stainless steel. It is operated by electric motor Nicolini with the capacity of 4 kW (made in Italy). A drive clutch is made of polymer materials in the case of accident prevents damage to serviceable items.
Насоси-дозатори фірми Dosatron
Chemicals dispenser pumps
Dispenser is designed for mixing and dispensing of detergent chemical components. Dispenser pumps of the company Dosatron were specially designed for use with aggressive media and are the market leader in production of corrosive liquids dispensers. Analog controller allows accurately adjusting the optimum amount of chemicals, making possible detergent component saving. In other words, consumption of chemicals, in comparison with competitors in our equipment is minimal.
частотний перетворювач Schneider Electric
Сontrol unit
In the control unit there are used components for industrial use such as:
  • frequency converter Schneider Electric;
  • valves electronic control unit (lifetime 10 years).
нержавіюча труба для високо тиску і поліпропіленова труба для низького тиску
Main pipes of high and low pressure
For low pressure water supply main pipe there is used polypropylene pipe, giving high quality of adjustment, bond strength and durability. The frame of high pressure water supply main pipe is made of stainless pipe. In places that require flexible connections there used high pressure wire-reinforced hose with stainless fittings group. All connections are made of stainless steel and can be dismantled even after prolonged use. This ensures quick and easy repair.
Бай Пас
“BY PASS” system
For safe operation in the equipment a special unit “by-pass” is used with the low pressure pistol, which, by pistol close, moves water from the high pressure to the low pressure channel. This unit is very important for high-pressure system work and its reliability is directly proportional to the lifetime of the high-pressure pump.
Пульт вибору програм мийки
Program wash selector stand
It is used to control the time and choice of washing programs. Consists of: stainless steel frame, control unit with a dial plate, car wash program selector button with the backlight (of raised durability, especially for outdoor use, IP67). Inside there is set a heater to maintain a constant temperature in winter.
*In Top cope the stand is built into the frame.
ел.клапанів Burkert
Group of electronic valves and manifold
A low pressure collector is used to get fluid into the pump. In total, the system uses three types of water:cold; hot; osmotic and 2 kinds of chemicals: foam and wax. To connect flow check valves, taps and electrovalve there are used quickly interchangeable fittings. They provide the possibility of rapid replacement of components in case of repair. Use of electronic valves Burkert and Camozzi is recognized by many high pressure equipment manufacturers and speaks only of its reliability.
Пистолет ВТ
Pistols ВТ 2 pcs. on each post
НAt the self-service post there are used two pistols of low and high pressure. High pressure pistol has special “anti-freeze” function. For convenience, we recommend using two pistols of black and blue colors. Prongs and nozzles are of stainless steel. Pring’s head is of rubberized plastic.
Pantographs 2 pcs. for each post of stainless steel
Each post is equipped with a slewing boom (Pantograph) in the amount of 2 pieces. Pantograph, rotating elements, connecting adapters are made of stainless steel. That is why their maintenance is minimized.
колчани для пістолетів ВТ
“Quiver” for pistols BT 2 pcs. for each post
Special vases of stainless steel and foam, connected to the «anti-freeze» system,are used to store pistols BT .
“Anti-freeze” system
The system against freezing of the main pipes of high pressure during the winter period.
7 washing programs:
  • Flies
  • Foam
  • Cleaner
  • Cold water
  • Warm water
  • Wax
  • Osmosis
Система водопідготовки
Water treatment system
It is used to reduce water hardness. Is based on the exchange of water hard salts onto the soft one. Provides best washing process and saves chemistry. All water, used by self-service complex, underwent a process of “softening”.
Osmosis with the capaciy of 250 l/h or 450 l/h
It is used for water, fully cleaned of minerals and salts. Osmotic water, after its application to the car body, dries without splotches and “white” stains. Osmotic water is kept in 1m³ container (included into price) and is served from the barrelwith ESPA pump station (included into price). Depending on the number of posts, capacity of the appropriate unit is selected .
Повітряний компресор
Air compressor
Air compressor 100 l receiver 10 kW 5,5 Atm.
вузол нагріву води, змішувачі та тепла підлога
Required extra:
  • unit for water heating, mixing units;
  • heated floor at the posts.



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