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Проектно-інженерні роботи
Design engineering works
Departure of the land plot and recommendations on its arrangement. Preparing of design estimate documentation.
Прокладання комунікацій,земельні роботи
Laying of communications, land works
Digging trenches, using heavy machinery, laying of all necessary communications. Drain pipes, water pipes, electrical cables and cases under surveillance.
Монтаж плити підлоги та очисні споруди
Mounting of floor plate and waste treatment facilities.
Digging of foundations under plate and for waste treatment facilities. Installation of sand crushed stone base. Installation of formwork, reinforcing frame bundle, laying communication ducts, pouring concrete. Making warm floor at the top of the plate. Pouring the top concrete layer with installation of flooring.
Влаштування пилососних постів
Installation of dust collecting posts and other communications pits
Inslatlation of the basis for dust collecting post, installation of formwork, reinforcing frame bundle, laying communication ducts, pouring concrete. Other pits (wells, drainage, telecommunications) are arranged with concrete rings.


    Construction work, requiring additional budget investments.

Влаштування фундаменту будинку
Installation of building foundation
Digging and scuff sanding of ditch for foundation, installation of foundations, mounting of foundation footings and blocks. Pouring of concrete reinforcing cage (if necessary). Installation of floor and staircases slab panels.
Монтаж каркасу та перекретів будинку
Mounting of the frame and inter-floor covering of the house
Depending on customer requirements, construction can be carried out with different materials (ceramic brick, aerocrete, metal frame with sandwich panels). House inter-floor covering is performed with concrete floor slab panels or concrete monolith pouring.
Монтаж електростовбів та електрофікації
Mounting of electric poles and object electrification
At this object, considering it’s round the clock work, there is need in qualitative lightening of the area. Depending on the area there are calculated the number of transmission towers and main electric lines are laid on them. Installation of electrical switchboard and laying of electric network in the house is performed under under design documentation.
Зовнішнє облицювання будинку
External facing of the house
It is implemented on the client request, according to the design documentation. However, the company Zevs Engineering has developed an innovative project, using fibreglass for making 3D front panel, giving the object a unique, original appearance and emphasizes profitability over competitors.
Внутрішньо-оздоблювальні роботи
Internal finishing works
It is implemented on the client request, design solution and project documentation.
Благоустрій території
It is implemented on the client request, in accordance with the development of landscape designer and project documentation.
Монтаж системи відеоспостереження
Video-control system installation
Involvement of the specialist for correct location, determination of cameras number and type.


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